Maintenance Agreements 

  • Maintenance Agreements are renewable annually
  • Include picking, delivery and technical manpower
  • Products covered by the Maintenance Agreements are servers, desktops, laptops, and small and large format printers
  • You can find this "products" going to the "Product Search" bar and using the words "maintenance agreements"
  • Exclude replacement parts. Replacement parts under warranty will be covered by the manufacturer, out of warranty required replacement parts will be separately paid by the customer
  • Necessary information needed to Maintenance Agreements, and renew, based on brand/part number/serial number


  • Hardware Configuration Services: We can install the key components you need: memory, hard drives, optical drives, NIC cards, modems, video cards, and other peripherals into your desktop PCs, notebooks, printers, smartphones, and mobile carts.
  • Software Configuration Services: We will install your operating system software and applications, and configure the settings to your exact requirements, all before shipping.
  • BIOS and Firmware Configuration Services: We will perform a BIOS or Firmware update on the system component (computer system board, network controller device, array controller device, etc.). Systems will be shipped with the latest or specified firmware revision.

Professional Developing And Implementations 

  • Imagine that your company has grown and you need to invest in new IT solutions and tailor them to your business needs. That is where we came in. With the right information of your business we will develop the "ideal" solutions to meet your particular goals.
  • In what areas can we help you?
    • Optimizing your data center considering servers, storage, power, cooling systems
    • Installing new desktops, laptops and printers
    • Implementing new network technology efficiently, whether it be WAN or LAN, wired or wireless
    • Data security solutions, a matter growing in importance every day because your database is your most valuable asset and you must protect it at any cost
    • CCTV, an amazing range of solutions and with the most recent technologies
    • Energy saving with LED lighting
    • Installing Air Conditioning, with the solutions developed by the brand engineers themselves
    • New software solutions capable of optimizing your IT resources, like virtualization
    • Point of Sale (POS) Systems
    • Domotic


  • If you feel that is the right time to invest in your business in new IT solutions and don’t want to lose the opportunity, but you cannot afford it, we can help you making a renting. Please, for more information contact our sales department, or visit the website

Managed Services 

  • We provide you the possibility of quicker support for your server, desktop or laptop, or for your network. In a time that each minute is more and more important for your business, don’t wait a day or more for a technician, and don’t waste in an extra cost of travel and accommodation of the technician. Do you know thar the vast majority of the technical interventions could be done remotely?

Repair CenterJump

  • We offer you high quality and low cost out-of-warranty repairs. Computer systems (servers, desktops, laptops and tablets), monitors (CRT/LCD/LED), LED TVs, Plasma TVs, UPS, HP laser printers and HP large format printers. More details see "Help / Technical Support".

Custom Assemble 

  • We assemble servers and PC’s customized by you. Choose all the components that you want to use in your solution and in the end, if you want, we assemble and test your equipment before shipping.
  • Considering Intel servers you must choose al least:
    • 1x CPU
    • 1x Mother-board with integrated VGA (Pay attention about the CPU socket)
    • 1x RAM Memory for each CPU
    • 1x SSD SATA or HDD drive SAS/SATA
    • 1x PCIe SAS/SATA Controller (Optional if you use SATA SSD or HDD drives)
    • 1x 1U, 2U or 5U Server Case
    • 1x Redundant Power Supply (Optional)
    • 1x Keyboard (Optional)
    • 1x Mouse (Optional)
    • 1x Optical Drive (DVD-RW or Blu-ray) (Optional)
    • 1x OS (Operating System)
  • Considerng desktops you must choose at least:
    • 1x CPU
    • 1x Mother-board (Pay attention about the CPU socket)
    • 1x RAM Memory
    • 1x SSD or HDD drive both SATA
    • 1x VGA Card, in certain cases when mother-board does not bring
    • 1x ATX or mATX Case (with mATX case you must choose mATX motherboard)
    • 1x Power Supply
    • 1x Keyboard (Optional)
    • 1x Mouse (Optional)
    • 1x Optical Drive (DVD-RW or Blu-ray)
    • 1x OS (Operating System)
  • Check assembly cost with the sales department by phone number 244 880 800, by email, or online searching by "assembly cost"

Printing Cards 

  • We print customized plastic cards, simple, both sides, smart-cards with magnetic stripe or microchip (A smart card is a plastic card about the size of a credit card, with an embedded magnetic stripe or microchip that can be loaded with data) or contactless proximity RFID Cards
  • Plastic Cards are able to be used as:
    • Gift Cards
    • Loyalty Cards
    • Membership Cards
    • Phone Cards
    • Gaming Cards
    • Promotional Cards
    • Custom Cards
    • Combo Cards
    • Photo ID’s
    • Staff Cards
    • Access Cards
    • Event Passes
    • Conference Passes
    • Luggage Tags
  • Check printing cards cost with our sales department by phone number 244 880 800, by email, or online searching by "plastic card"

Communications / Telecommunications 

  • We can provide you voice communication and wide area network and data solutions. Our experience gives us knowledge to make ideal recommendations based on your needs.